Flip Side - With YOU (19th August,2011)

YOU are so BEAUTIFUL, came from sky
Is that a fairy tale or I’m so high
Thu I’m not a Macho, nor a Perfect guy
But at this moment: I promise ll never let YOU cry
Oh! I swear, I’m not so shy
It’s just… YOU are the reason why
I sweep my feet for YOU
And YOU are acting so dry
You were used to think it was just a bluff
But No! It is my real love cry
       Soft whisper from your lips, not a kiss
Just say YOU are my butterfly
Didn’t know what I was doing
Might wanna see your face and die
I know my love is not special
But trust me: I’ll never go by
I remember the day we met
The day we sit by
I don’t think I could forget
Or will let my memories dry
Since then I wanna be on your side
All I was unable to ask for is one last try
       I can’t regret a single second of this day
As it’s the time to say good-bye




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