Crimes: Past one’s prime

Today, no one really listens to anyone else, and if you are asked to try it for a while you'll respond “why should I?”. In our real life, we generally come across with this thing in case of our elders.

Son misbehaves with his father; children kick-out their parents when they were in need of their kids support; children do not obey their parents today; Father scares of talking to his son because of his anger; children hesitate to bring their parents in parties because they are like antiques or old-fashioned; and so on… the list of these unexceptional, unethical acts will go on.

The matter of consideration is; who is responsible for this outcome? In a glance you can easily probe “Children”. But in deep, somewhere, somehow, our fountain-heads are mistaking too.

In infancy all a child need is their parents love and attention. In present, most of the parents are heavily engaged in office work & making money. It’s undeniable that they are doing this all because they want their child future bright. But in this regard they most of the time ignored the child need of “belongingness”. Abreast most of the mother & father don’t even know what their child like or dislike. And when the heads get over the hill they complain that their children don’t have time for them, whenever they come and sit by their children: silence prevails. Parents may get frustrated by their child’s one-word answers, their crazy hours, fingers glued to his cell phone, some self-centered behavior. Apple of discord is who is responsible?
Couple of days back, I read a small but thought provoking quotation:
 “If you want to be in the life of your children tomorrow, you have to be in their life today.”

When we feel cold we love to sit by the fire. But right after few minutes of comfort we feel burning. In short, excess of anything can be harmful. Any how parents extra love and care play vital role in spoiling their child. I’ve been teaching in a local school. Students there were so defiant, mischievous. When I decided to punish so them, teachers urge me not to as their parents will come and scold at us that how dare you to touch my kid. Protection is what everyone need, acceptable. But again excess of anything is harmful.

Life & time doesn’t stay still. Things are rapidly changing. Change is the only constant thing in the whole world. And those who resist it: falls down. Our procreators must understand this fact. Even a water has to change it shape again and again in order to fit in; so as others too. This is also the reason children feel reluctant to live, in continuously changing society, with their ancestors who don’t want to change. Phrase our ears usually come to eat in this case is “Why should we? we nourished you, we are who guard you, feed you. Now’ it’s your duty to accept us the way we are.” 

With a business view, every product has a life cycle: introduction, growth, maturity, and decline. Same law also applies on human. During the period of introduction and growth product need extra care and attention but one it reaches to maturity, your one wrong step can shorten the gape b/w maturity and decline. In the same manner, if we talk about humans, children do need to follow their parents’ decisions & drawn policy till they get capable to understand the living around them. But once they get smart enough or mature enough extra pressure from parents i.e. criticism about what to do or what not to do, can harm or shorten the length of bonding & relationship.
And adult or even a growing child feels challenge to follow decisions from their peers or elders for which they are not physically and psychologically ready.

While on contrary there are several other things which become the possible reasons of highlighted outcomes e.g. unpleasant relation b/w parents, different rate of distributing love among children etc. It’s better to overcome these faults today as we all are powerless to control past.

“Parents are the Author of children life and role. They do it by erasable ink: watch first and then go for writing.”


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